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Andres purchased his first fowl direct from J.D. Perry. They were yellow
legged, straight comb, and lemon hackle. They were probably Murphy
because J.D. Perry worked for Murphy. His next purchases were Duke
Hulsey Hatches (both Dark and Lemon Hackle green legs) and Curtis
Blackwell hatch (both Dark and Lemon Hackle green legs). Later he
purchased J.D. Perry Lemon Hatch (green legged), and JD Perry McLean
Dark Hatch (green legged). He obtained his Kelsos from Duke Hulsey and
Dan Gray.

By blending various breeds together over the years Andres produced his
own strain of fowl. His primary focus when breeding was not to get the
blood to close and to infuse similar bloodlines in color and class to refresh
his original fowl. In 50 years of breeding he has developed and maintained
a strain of game fowl that is standard in color and class. These fowl are:

Huron Lemons- These roosters are primarily pea comb (some straight
comb), light orange to bright lemon hackles, yellow legs (sometimes
will throw green legs), with white streamers and one or two white wing
feathers. Bloodlines infused- Mclanahan, Murphy, Butcher, and Huron
Lemon Hatch green legs.

Huron Lemon Hatch- These roosters are primarily pea comb (some straight
comb), lemon hackles, and green legs (sometimes throw yellow on feet).
These fowl are primarily used to infuse with the Lemons. Bloodlines
infused- Mclean, Blue Face, and Huron Lemon.

Huron Dark Hatch- These roosters are dark red or wine color, pea comb
(some straight comb) with dark or blue legs. Bloodlines infused- Primarily
Mclean, some Gilmore, and Leiper.

Huron Chocolate Kelso- These roosters were dark red or wine color, pea
comb and white legs. A Ray Hoskins Albany was added to the Kelso blood.  Most of this blood was lost during a flood and what little of this bloodline remains has been infused into the Dark Hatch.  Current Huron Reds made with blending of Huron Lemon, Dark Hatch, Lacy
Roundhead and Kelso.

In the early years Andres was an interpreter for many wealthy Mexican
buyers and would accompany them to the majority of the top U.S. breeder’s
farms. Through the years he established good friendships with many of
these top U.S. breeders. The breeders in which he was friends with and/or
obtained fowl from directly were:

Cecil Davis, William McRae, Clarence Stewart, Dan Gray, “Wello” Gutierrez,
Ray Hoskins, Duke Hulsey, Joe Goode, Bobby Manziel JR, Harold Brown,
Curtis Blackwell, Doctor Robinson, JD Perry, Blondie Rolland, Junior
Whiting and Dwaine White just to name a few.

Andres established great friendships with such Mexican breeders and
competitors as:

Tito Chapa SR, Mathis Gutierrez, Ramiro Santos, LIC. Miguel Cuenca,
Dr. Pedro Pisa, Francisco “Pancho” Garza SR, Cecilio Valdez, Elpidio
Gamundi, and Alfredo Rodriguez (Li Li).

Andres credits all these men for teaching him about game fowl and holds
them all in high regards.

Many questions have been asked regarding the Lemon Bloodline and
its' relation to the Duke Hulsey Lemon. When Duke Hulsey retired he
gave some of his broodstock to a man named Robert Martin. In the Late
70s Andres was a good friend of Robert Martin and when Robert retired
he asked Duke if Andres could have his bloodlines. Duke, who was a
friend of Andres, allowed Robert to give the fowl to Andres. Andres says
he “inherited” these bloodlines- O-O Kelso, Mclean Hatch, Butcher, and
some Lemon fowl (Lemon hackle yellow legs not sure if related to the
Philippine Lemon). The Duke Lemon fowl and butcher bloodlines were
infused into our Perry Bloodlines. In the early 80s Duke visited the farm
and Andres asked Duke what was the composition of the Lemon fowl he
obtained from Robert Martin and Duke stated they had “Marsh”. Duke
would not say anything else about the fowl and guarded his secrets. As
do most top breeders. The Huron Lemons have been infused with Duke
Butcher, Duke Lemon Hackle Hatch and those Duke Yellow legged lemon

Andres obtained his fowl many years before there were yellow-legged
Sweaters or Yellow Legged Hatch. The Sweater and Yellow Legged Hatch
have not been infused into the Huron Lemons.

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July 1958

August 1958

Andres Huron 1964 Natalia,TX

Wello Gutierrez, Andres Huron, Alteno, Chaqal Chiapas, Mexico 1966

1968 Nuevo Laredo Javier Elizondo, Matias Gutierrez, Andres Huron, Enrique Wong

Andres Huron, Ramiro Santos, Don Tino 1970 Nuevo Laredo


June 1971

Lemon Brood Stock 1972

Huron Game Farm Natalia, Tx 1971

Dr. Pedro Pisa 1980

Francisco Pancho Garza

Andres at Dan Gray's Farm 1982

Mathias Gutierrez, Jesus Campos, Andres Huron 1986 Natalia, TX

Andres 1995

Andres with gifts from tribute 2005

Andres Huron with Plaque from Tribute held in his honor 05-19-2007.

Tribute Plaque

In the late 60s early 70s Cecil Davis introduced my father to William McRae.  During this time my father and his friend Mathias Gutierrez began purchasing and showing McRae fowl in Mexico. McRae had been shipping most of his fowl to Hawaii and the Philippines. However, there was a ban on fowl going into the Philippines and McRae began selling to the Mexican buyers. This is how my father came to know McRae and below are some, of many, letters written to my father by William McRae.


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Letters from William McRae

McRae Letter 1 pg 1

McRae Letter 1 pg 2

McRae Letter 2 pg 1

McRae Letter 2 pg 2

McRae Letter 3 pg 1

McRae Letter 3 pg 2



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